Xposed Installer Apk Download For Android

Xposed Installer Apk

Xposed installer is one kind of framework is for customizing any android device without changing anything specially its ROM. It works only for rooted devices. If you have any rooted device then its for you to customize your device as you like. You can add or remove many features Xposed Installer has 1342 modules. It allows you to customize your device without flashing.


Flashing is harmful for any device. Sometimes it may brick your device. By the installation of Xposed Installer you no need to flash your custom ROMs. It lets you to install many apps and allow you to do some custom modification without rooting.

Its also very easy to undo. As it creates all changes in the memory, if you want to get your system back you just need to deactivate your module and reboot your device that’s all. Xposed Module doesn’t cause any kind of damage to your device. So, the risk will be less of getting unprotected. The security level of this tool is cool that’s why it’s called the safest tool for any android device.


Features of Xposed installer:

  1. It has lots of modules.
  2. There are no changes into ROM.
  3. It’s an easy and user-friendly tool.
  4. It’s a fully free tool.
  5. It has the ability to custom script in the operating system.


Here are all steps to run this tool on your device:

  1. First of all, you have to download the Xposed Installer APK.
  2. Now go to your apps store and find out it.
  3. Now press on the app and you will get the install button simply press on it.
  4. Let the framework install and after then click OK button.
  5. Let reboot your device, after rebooting your device all the changes will be in place
  6. Now you can start with your module.