Root Explorer Apk Download For Android

Root Explorer Apk

Root explorer is one kind of file manager for rooted Android device. At present, it is one of the best free file managers for rooted android devices. Root Explorer is a tool by which you can browse all of your data and system manuals without restrictions. It’s totally AD free tools. It has some interesting themes and root verification tool by which you can easily understand either your device is fully rooted or not.

No matter if you need to release room in your smartphone’s storage through reducing untouched hidden documents or even you need to get a total document controlling program which your own smart phone gives you, Root Explorer may fulfill all your requirements clearly.

It has very good security management system, that’s why it protects the android device from any malicious threats. It also reduces the default instances. 

There is an important notice for this tool, Root explorer app only works on rooted devices. 


Some Key Features of Root Explorer:

  1. It’s 100 percent free and easy tool;
  2. It’s totally AD free tool.
  3. It’s a super-fast tool like sharing files, backing up files on local storage within a moment.
  4. You search easily whatever you want by Root explorer.
  5. It’s very easy to add or remove any account you desire on this tool.
  6. It has very good security management system.
  7. Text editor option is available here.
  8. It has SQLite database viewer option.
  9. You can search a specific file by name or size.
  10. It Supports multiple tab function ability.
  11. It supports Gestures Bookmarks.
  12. It can back up your apps on your SD card.

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How to Use Root explorer:

First of all, you have to download and install the Root Explorer in your Android device. This app is very easy to use so you don’t need to know any extra function to launch it. Like any other built is apk in your device you can easily use Root Explorer by pressing and holding any file. If you want to open the main menu of this app you have to use the Main Menu button.