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magisk manager

Magisk manager is the fastest rooting tool at present which is developed by Topjohnwu. By magisk manager, user can root their android device within a very short time without any difficulty.

Rooting is the process of letting the users of android smartphones or tablets to take the control over that android operating system. Some people think that rooting is a complex procedure. But if you know the actual process of rooting then it will be helpful for you and seems to be very easy.

Using Magisk, you are able to use lots of features like MagiskSU, Magisk Hide, and you can manage root permissions of third-party apps too.


Nowadays most of the user called it as “systemless” rooting tool, as like other rooting tools it doesn’t hamper the system partition or boot partition. That’s why the safety power of this rooting tool is high, and it never cause any damage to your device. That’s why it’s much popular at present and user choose to root their device with magisk manager. Beside these it’s so much popular for this.

One of the main advantages of this rooting tool is it can reverse your rooted device with one click, it means its very easy to unroot your device with magisk. And it’s very helpful for user. Because sometimes many needful third-party apps we can’t use in our active rooted device that time if we use magisk unroot program then it will be very easy to use those apps, after using that third-party apps if we want to active our root program we can do it very easily with magisk manager.


Actually, Magisk manager can hide the root of your device, that’s why it takes very short time to root or unroot your device. Otherwise, it’s very lengthy process to root or unroot any device and it hampers most of the user’s valuable time.

The security level of this tool is high that’s why user can use this tool as the safest rooting tool for their android device. After rooting any android device, it breaks the android security level of that device so from that time android don’t create any protect shield for that active root device that time many kinds of malware can attacks many important files, so user is getting afraid of rooting their device. But magisk manager has extra security level protection so that any malware can’t attack that device.


Features of Magisk Manager:

  1. It’s easy and user-friendly tool, no one need to have vast knowledge about rooting for using this tool.
  2. It has easy rooting and unrooting system. And within a very short time, user can root their device as well as unroot their device using magisk manager.
  3. No PC required to root their device with this tool. That’s why it’s a very easy process to root with magisk.
  4. doesn’t hamper the system partition or boot partition.
  5. High-security level, that’s why it’s very reliable.
  6. It can hide the root of user device. That’s why it takes very short time to root or unroot user device.
  7. User can manage root permissions of third-party apps, that’s why if anyone wants to use any apps that doesn’t allow any active rooted device, they can user that apps by magisk manager.
  8. It Allows launching third-party applications.


Installation Procedure of Magisk Manager:

  1. First of all, you have to install the Zip file of Magisk Manager.
  2. After that open it on your device
  3. Now a button will appear, click on the Root Now button.
  4. The system will automatically start to root your device.
  5. When it is done, a text will show “Reboot your Device”
  6. Now click on “OK” and “Reboot” your device.